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Rota-Tech, Inc.

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Providing creative pump solutions since 1989

Founded in 1989 as an analysis, troubleshooting, and field service support company, we have also expanded into the repair side of the pump industry and service clientele in all industries utilizing centrifugal pumps, fans, and blowers. Headquartered in North Carolina, Rota-Tech, Inc. represents clients on and between coasts, and into Canada. Our team specializes in all rotating equipment, from the beginning of a project idea to maintaining the final design. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our team members have combined experience of over 100 years. We provide long-established and time-honored approaches to pump technology and service. Rota-Tech has meticulously monitored the evolution of pump technology and service to provide the most efficient and reliable solutions —all to give you exceptional service that will last for years to come. Our clientele frequently require work around the clock to ensure that a critical piece of process equipment – pump, blower, fan, other rotating machinery, etc. – is repaired and put back into service as quickly as possible. Our goal is to be competitively priced, while providing exceptionally skilled technicians to resolve our clientele concerns in a timely manner and improve system reliability.

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Areas of Customer Service

Centrifugal and Positive displacement pumps

Offering over 100 years of experience, Rota-Tech provides custom support solutions for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps and equipment in multiple applications, including but not limited to the power generation; oil, gas, and chemical; water and wastewater industries.

pump system evaluation and design

Overall system and site evaluation will provide valuable information and keys to making the correct product choices for your application. We will use a variety of deciding factors to offer the best custom solution for your specific application, such as your desired operation conditions, as well as consideration of environmental factors. We also offer troubleshooting and diagnostics for existing systems.

Reliability centered maintenance

Rota-Tech offers a variety of customization options for predictive and preventive maintenance programs suited to your specific needs and application. We are able to predict and prevent certain equipment failures before they happen, and offer quick and reliable solutions to help you achieve maximum productivity with a minimum of downtime and cost. By preventing and predicting failures before they happen, our programs will provide you with increased production and equipment reliability. Our goal is to increase the mean time between failures to reduce costly downtime and system volatility.

fabrication and machining service

Custom fabrication solutions such as shop service welding and fabrication of fittings and custom pump casings are also offered. Our service center is equipped to perform all facets of precision machining to ensure a quality product.

Rota-Tech also supplies competitively priced machined parts for most vertical pumps. This includes bearings, sleeves, casing and impeller rings, and shafting.

Field Service technical support

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of the pump industry, we will work with your company through consultation to provide technical direction and advisement to your company's project management team, on-site personnel, and contractors. These services include site evaluation, site preparation, startup monitoring, installation assistance, training support, and ongoing technical support. Our support levels can range from phone or site consultations to continuous support and field direction of craft labor during shutdowns.

reconditioning and calibration service

Rota-Tech offers rotating equipment repair service, replacement parts, and turnkey reconditioning and installation of your equipment. Our service center is equipped to perform all facets of precision machining to ensure quality reconditioning. We are also able to perform field machining and on site reconditioning. Rota-Tech services a large variety of brands and models of pump technology. We offer expertise in shop and field balancing, laser alignment, thermal monitoring through the Acculign system, vibration and data analysis and translation, oil analysis, equipment calibration, and performance monitoring.